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    Welcome to
    Remote Virtual Cockpit
    for Boeing 777 PMDG
    A real time controller for your Boeing 777 on your best flight simulator

Core Features

Great features, great product!

Bi-directional controller

Control Boeing 777 from your iPad either from your virtual cockpit

Dual CDU

Get and manage captain and first officer CDU in a single panel

Navigation support

Fully control every aspect of your navigation


A complete radio stack for captain and first officer

Full control

Fully managed fuel, electric, hydraulic and doors with your hands

Multi iPad

Why not! If you want you can connect more than one iPad so you are able to get every panel open at the same time


Download RemoteVirtualCockpit App

Go to AppStore in order to purchase RemoteVirtualCockpit PMDG 777 App

Download on the App Store

Download RemoteVirtualCockpit 777 - Server

Download and install RemoteVirtualCockpit 777 - Server v2 in order to get a connection between your flight simulator and the App

Go to Server page

Configure App

Set the right IP address and port on the Home panel of the RemoteVirtualCockpit PMDG 777 App

Go to App page


Enjoy with RemoteVirtualCockpit and share your experience with your friends