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App RemoteVirtualCockpit PMDG 777

This app works only with Boeing 777 PMDG and allow to manage and control many functionalities of this aircraft.

With only one touch you can switch between panels in order to enter all the specific controls.

Thanks to this application it will be possible to simplify and enhance your flight experience.


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App Features

Home panel

Picture of frog by Ben Fredericson

Here you can setup the IP of your PC (the PC where it is installed your flight simulator Prepar3D or FSX).

After that you have set the right IP and you have started RemoteVirtualCockpit - Server v2 you can press CONNECT button in order to estabilish a connection between your simulator and the RemoteVirtualCockpit PMDG 777 app.

Doors & hydraulic panel

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You have the control of every doors.

You can also control the hydraulic sistems.

Electric & fuel panel

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All electric sistems is replicated on your iPad, try to start-up the 777 from cold & dark.

Fuel, engine and de-ice controls.

Navigation panel

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This is the navigation panel, every MCP function is replicated.

EFIS, lights, spoiler, flap and gear.

CDU panel

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Two fully independant CDU, one for the captain and one for the first officer.

Every aspect of your route is under control.

Radio panel

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Two radio panel with transponder setting.

Setup app

Setup the app is really simple!

After you have seen the IP address of your PC using RemoteVirtualCockpit - Server v2 you must set it on the Home panel of the App and now you are ready to press the CONNECT button!

Remember to enable communication between server and the SDK on PMDG 777! Look the instruction below

Enable SDK

In order to enable the communication between Remote Virtual Cockpit server v2 and the PMDG 777 you need to open a file and add some lines of code!

  • Find and enter in your Prepar3D or FSX folder.
  • Enter in "PMDG" folder
  • Enter in "PMDG 777 QOTS II" folder
  • Open "777QOTSII_Options.ini" file with an editor like Notepad
  • Add this lines of codes at the end of this file
  • [SDK]
  • Save the file
  • Restart your simulator