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Server RemoteVirtualCockpit PMDG 777

In order to connect your iPad to your simulator (Prepar3D or FSX) you must install RemoteVirtualCockpit - Server v2.

These server is compatible with this operating system:

  • Windows 10 - 64bit

We have tested the server with these simulators:

  • Prepar3D - v4
  • FSX Steam edition

RemoteVirtualCockpit - Server v2

Click the button to download the server and install it on your PC

How to install server

Install RemoteVirtualCockpit Server v2 is really simple! Please follow this steps.

Download it

Donwload the zip file, open it and launch the installer.

Windows protect 1

Please click More info in order to allow to install it

Windows protect 2

Click on Run anyway button

Installer 1

Click on Next button

Installer 2

Here you can change the path where server will be installed. Click on Next button

Installer 3

The installation has finisced. Click on Finish button

Enable SDK 1

Go inside your simulator folder (Prepar3D or FSX) and follow this path:


Enable SDK 2

Open the file 777X_Options.ini with an editor like Notepad

Enable SDK 3

Add these lines of code and save it


You are ready

Run the correct RVC Server v2 FSX or RVC Server v2 PREPAR3D